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Sales – Custom description

Sales report retrieving custom descriptions on master data elements

Creating lists in reports using master data from your EPM system is common practice using CXO’s report builder interface.

But what if your master data structure contains ‘other’ items for which the reporting Entities can record a custom description or comment in your EPM source system together with the numbers? – Learn how you can use custom descriptions within your CXO report!

An example from your EPM system
Below example shows that the reporting Entity has recorded two other products ‘OTH1’ and ‘OTH2’ in the ‘EPM source system’** and was able to provide a custom description for both elements (red. ‘Smart Home’ and ‘Gaming & Films’)

**Note: the EPM source system in this example is SAP BPC where BPC comment functionality was used to store the custom descriptions as comments. This is a standard feature within the SAP BPC system.

Read more on how to enable this feature on your CXO report in the following article on our documentation portal: Relational Database Connection for Custom Descriptions

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