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Management information dashboard

Give your executives everything they need with the management information dashboard.

Executives require the most accurate, up-to-date, and flexible information they can get their hands on in order to make meaningful decisions for their business. The Executive dashboard was designed to facilitate fast, focused, and insightful review of the latest data your organization has to offer. Analysis is meaningful and to the point with this executive level dashboard.

In this specific template, key data points are defined, then a reference category is applied to allow the flexibility to compare actual performance to the budgeted or forecasted targets by account and region.

In the wizard these components are customizable to your organizational needs and can be tailored to fit the way your CXO application has been set up.

Change the POV dimension name into ‘Ref Scenario’ to use this dimension to compare the actual scenario with the selection made in the POV. Use a list for the POV with the only applicable scenarios.

“VariableName”: “@CAT_Actual”

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