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Homepage – Including real-time FX and Stock information

Important business drivers as an analysis starting point.

This homepage report has been divided into four building blocks; Current Actual comparison, Trend data & links, Major KPI’s and Foreign Exchange Rates.

This report is unique, because it contains a webview control which is displaying real-time data of the stock exchange market and the foreign exchange currency information.


This homepage report enables organizations to effectively monitor;

  • Profit and Loss, Actual comparison versus a reference scenario
  • Trend data, A donut chart which shows the current Actuals combined with a Year To Go amount for the remaining months of the Year related to the referenced scenario
  • Usefull links, Links to other reports for 2nd click analysis, with more detailed and specific information available
  • Stock information, current example shows the real-time NASDAQ information for Google.
  • Major KPI’s, Showing the current performance related to the user  Point of View related settings
  • Foreign Exchange Currency information, Real-time information of the applicable FX rates.

A wizard will walk you through the required steps to create this report. The format and layout of each chart can be then further customized to suit your organizational needs. This is a great starting point to focus your organization’s review in the right direction.

The webview controls requires a HTML file. Both HTML files can’t be downloaded within the CXO catalog, but can be found on our documentation portal via the followin ‘How To’ articles:

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